Cleaning Services

  • Express Service

    This service is for our client who doesn’t need the white glove pampering that is typically associated with having a housekeeper, but still could use a hand with ongoing cleaning and sanitation. With this package you can expect to return to a home that has been:
    • Dusted (furniture and shelves)
    • Mopped/Vaccumed
    • Cleaned and Sanitized (Kitchens and Bathrooms)
  • Premium Service

    Our Premium Service Level includes everything from the Economy Level but provides a "White-Glove" experience with comprehensive attention-to-detail and additional housekeeping tasks, including:
    • Dusting ceiling fans and lamps
    • Cleaning Kitchen Appliances
    • Cleaning Tables/Chairs
    • Wiping Woodwork and Baseboards
    • ...and much more!
    Click here for a detailed list of services included in a Premium Clean.
  • Move In/Out

    Whether you are moving in or out, we can help with the transition by making sure that every surface and appliance, both inside and out, has been thoroughly cleaned.
  • Commercial Service

    We offer customized cleaning service to meet the needs of every business! Click here to learn more or submit an RFP
  • Association

    We partner with associations and property management companies to maintain their buildings’ common areas. We will accommodate your specific needs but our service requests in this area commonly include: - Cleaning entryways, hallways, stairwells - Lightbulb replacement - Window cleaning (only entryways and other easy to reach areas) - Service Flexibility based on foot traffic
  • Airbnb Management

    Now that you have booked your home on Airbnb, allow us to take care of the rest. We partner with Airbnb hosts, as well as other community driven hospitality groups to provide a turn-key solution.